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The RezHOPE Gadugi House serves as a crucial link to a structured, supportive, and health-focused environment. Our vision is to offer a safe and secure, drug & alcohol-free residence, emphasizing the establishment of a recovery foundation. Bridging the gap between treatment and independence, the RezHOPE Gadugi House guides residents in developing life skills essential for a meaningful and productive life. Operating as a “recovery family,” we prioritize onsite peer relationships, forming a diverse yet united recovery community. Despite varying backgrounds, everyone shares a common need and desire- to learn and embrace a life free from the bondage of addiction. With that being said, we are a Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) advocate home. As a program led by individuals whose lives were impacted by addiction, we are dedicated to helping others embark on this new journey of recovery, with a foundation grounded in faith and fitness.

What We



We provide a safe and stable living environment for participants to stay for 6-9 months. This space is equipped with fully furnished bedrooms, kitchen area, cozy shared living space for socializing and relaxing.


Life Skills Training

Providing education and training in areas such as budgeting, job readiness, cooking, cleaning, and other essential life skills.


Peer Support

Creating a supportive community where participants can connect with others who are going through similar transitions and challenges.


Referrals to Community Resources

Connecting participants with external resources such as healthcare services, educational programs, legal assistance, and other community support services.


Addict to Athlete GWY

In a battle against substance use, achieving a healthy mind and body is essential. A2A GWY offers an unconventional, non-medical approach to recovery. Our mission is to support individuals facing SUD and Mental Health challenges by guiding them towards recovery through physical fitness and self-discovery. Our program includes a rigorous hour of weight training followed by an hour peer-led support group session. Through promoting pro-social behaviors and community engagement, A2A GWY aims to empower individuals to unlock their full potential and become valuable members of the community. *Workouts are designed for beginners and elite athletes alike.


Goal Setting and Monitoring

Helping participants set achievable goals and providing accountability and monitoring to track progress and success.


Employment Assistance

Assisting participants in finding and maintaining employment through job search support, resume building, and interview preparation.


Substance Use Disorder Support

Offering resources and programs to help participants maintain sobriety and prevent relapse, including access to counseling and support groups such as Addict to Athlete.


Transportation Services

We know that oftentimes, when you first come into recovery transportation can be an issue. No worries! We offer transportation services to support participants in attending appointments, support groups, work commitments, spiritual services, volunteer opportunities, and other essential activities. This is enable participants to actively engage in their personal and professional endeavors while promoting independence and community integration.

New Beginnings 

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